S. S. Centrifugal Sanitary Design Dairy Pharmaceutical Pumps

S. S. Centrifugal Sanitary Design Dairy Pharmaceutical Pumps

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With the support of our experienced and knowledgeable professionals we are able to develop high-end S. S. Centrifugal Sanitary Design Dairy Pharmaceutical Pumps that finds its use in pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. Top-notch quality elements like rolled stainless steel, with superior mechanical properties are used in the manufacturing of the pumps so that robust, abrasion resistant and durable range is brought forth by us. In addition to this, premium quality elastomers are used in our pumps so that it provides great resistance against high temperatures and chemicals. As per the requirement of different industries the pumps can be customized in varied physical and mechanical specifications. 

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity : Up To 90 mm
  • Head : Up To 60 Mtr.
  • HP : Up To 20 HP
  • Speed : 28801 1450 RPM
  • Connection : Dol, Star Delta
  • Voltage & Phase : 415V, 3 Phase I 215V, 1 Phase
  • Mechanical Seal : Mechanical Seal ( Sic I Sic or To I Tc)
  • M.O.C : S.S.316 I 8.8. 316 LI SS. 304 (Made From Sheet)

Application :

  • Milk, Cream, Butter Milk, Condensed Milk Fruit Juice, Sugar Syrup, Vitamin Solutions, Beer, Wine, Vegetable Oil, Mineral Oil, Lubrication Oil, Alkaline Solution, Acids, Fine Chemicals, Colour Dyes & Pigments, R.O. Water, DM Water
  • Pure Water
  • Dairy Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Textiles, Paper & Cement Industries.
  • Mono I Bare Pumps Is Available.
  • Bare Pumps ls Also Available With Flame Proof